Updating of Existing Websites.

Keep your website fresh to encourage customers to come back again and again!

After we've set up and designed your website according to your specifications and depending the Website Design Package you ordered , you can now easily configure and maintain your website online in real-time without having any knowledge of coding and website authoring.

However, keeping your website updated can be a hassle if you're busy doing other things or don't want to maintain it yourself. But when your company's information changes, it's important to update your website so that it is not unattended and out of date.

Updating your website in a timely fashion will let your website visitors know what's happening today — and can contribute to your bottom line sales. Among other things, website updates are excellent for:

  • Offering new products or services
  • Adding functionality to your website (blogs, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Announcing upcoming and past events
  • Newsletters
  • Updating out-of-date information
  • Customer questions better answered on the website than by phone or email
  • Additional informational steps in the read-to-purchase cycle
  • Effective graphical illustrations of your products and services
  • Recoding slow-to-download sites; updating code
  • Anything other than wholesale website redesign

Because not every website needs constant updates (and those updates can be sporadic and of varying size), we charge neither a monthly fee or a flat fee. Over the years, we've found that our existing clients much prefer to buy a package of "hours" to use as and when they wish.

We are now offering website maintenance packages directly to existing and new clients on a "sliding scale" basis so that those who need more updates end up paying less.

Find out more about Website Update and Website Maintenance Packages and how they work

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